I’m a Sophomore at Bishop Montgomery; this schools my crib; I don’t kidd. I joined Knightlife because I care about that student life. I don’t care about nightlife, I care about the Knightlife. K-N-I-G-H-T! Uhh. yeah. I’m not just a resident, I’m the vice president of Knightlife. I don’t like to hassle but I do like to travel. Yeah, uhh.  Even though I’m just a teenajor and am unsure of my major, I think I wanna study business with me as my own witness. Yeah. My name is DJ Hasnah, you can find me anywhere without glare. But usually you’ll see me sprinting down the hallway cause I always forget where my classes are. Yeah Uh Uh DJ HAS-NAH out!!!

Henry Hasnah, vice-president

Jan 05, 2019
BMHS New Year Resolutions (Story)
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