Summer DIYs

Julia Quast '22


  1. Glue seven flip flops together to form a curved row.
  2. Flip over and glue a ribbon or lei to the back of two flip flops.
  3. Glue a long strip of cardboard to the back of the shoes for support
  4. Flip the sign over again and glue letters to the base of the sandals.
  5. And you’re done!




  1. Wash an old can and remove the outer sticker.
  2. Draw or print a design on a piece of paper, and tape it to the can.
  3. Use a needle or sharp tool to punch holes along the line of the design (I used a corn holder).
  4. Remove paper and put a tea light at the bottom of the can.
  5. Light the candle and admire!




  1. In a bowl, mix together equal parts of white glue and water.
  2. Roll up a small ball of yarn and soak it in the paste mixture.
  3. Blow up a water balloon with air.
  4. Using one end of the soaking yarn, begin to wrap the balloon.
  5. Set the wrapped balloon on a plate and leave to dry for 2 days.
  6. Hang with clear string or use as decoration on a table!