Summer Plans

Maddie Sipos '22

Summertime is right around the corner, and people are making plans for how they’ll spend their time. I interviewed Bishop Montgomery students, and twenty-one people were willing to share their answers. Five people are going to summer school, but they aren’t the only academics; someone said that they would be studying and another is going to a journalism conference in San Francisco. I also interviewed one of the girls from the song team, who will spend her summer training. Other students will be traveling. Some of the travel destinations are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Michigan, Mexico, and Big Bear. Two people did not share their destination. You don’t have to go far to have fun, though. One person is going to go to the beach every day and another is going on a road trip before they leave for college. There will be parties, swimming, time with friends, and games of Uno this summer. A majority of the students I asked didn’t know what their plans were going to be yet. Don’t worry! You don’t need summer plans to have a good time.