Some Successful Seniors

Henry Hasnah '21

This year, all of our successful seniors are heading off to remarkable new chapters of their lives. Here are some exceptional Bishop Montgomery seniors:


Gerrick Cardenas is a hardworking and intelligent student. His passions include baseball and videogames. He is a straight-A student and one of only 3,741 students in America to achieve a perfect score on the ACT. Gerrick intends to study electrical engineering in college at UCLA. When asked to give advice for underclassmen he said, “Focus on the present and take the steps to get to where you want to be.” He then adds, “Have an open mind when it comes to colleges. Don’t be focused on a single college, and don’t stress out on college too much.” Gerrick believes that to be successful, one must always believe that “practice makes perfect.”


Matthew Craig is something else. Matthew loves tech and is part of a robotics team; he is also an Eagle Scout! His hobbies include doing cross country and watching educational videos on Youtube. He intends to study computer science in college. He was accepted into UCLA and Notre Dame just to name a few. Matthew is very successful academically; he has achieved a perfect score on the SAT and is a National Merit Finalist. Matthew believes that one should always “live in the present” too. When asked if he had any advice to give to underclassmen, Matthew said, “It is the sum of all the small things that make you successful.”


Thomas Li was awarded the Presidential Service Award and the Congressional Silver Medal Award. He is also a CM level 10. He’s known for being a bright and talented student on campus. He participates in band and robotics. He also volunteers at PV Net, which is a leading technology education center in the South Bay. Thomas intends to study computer science and minor in music performance in college. Thomas has been accepted to UCSD, Georgia Tech, and Purdue University. When asked about college advice, Thomas said, “Make sure your résumé shows that you are unique.” Thomas also advises students to, “Befriend teachers and ask a lot of questions.”


Matthew Norambuena is a very high achieving senior. He is currently our ASB president and has won Student of the Semester. Matthew clearly has the gift of leadership, but he also enjoys exercising, specifically running and swimming. Matthew is very interested in politics and plans to study at Northwestern University where he was accepted through early decision. He plans to study political science and become a lawyer in the future. When asked to give advice for underclassmen, Matthew said, “Make sure you really care about your extracurriculars. Work hard [and] don’t get lazy. Make sure you put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone.” Bishop Montgomery is excited to learn what Matthew will accomplish next.


Kayla Padilla is a truly accomplished senior. She loves basketball and has won numerous CIF basketball awards. She plays the guitar in her free time and enjoys helping others. She currently runs a nonprofit, youth4misa that focuses on serving those of Misamis Occidental. Kayla will attend Upenn next year and study finance at the famed Wharton School of Business. Kayla advises underclassmen that when it comes to extracurricular activities, “quality over quantity.” She also believes that student-athletes should value grades.


Tann Nguyen is known as a hilarious, easygoing, social person; he is everybody’s favorite guy. Tann loves to play video games and read Japanese Manga during class. He intends to major in computer science at UC Riverside. Tann is something special; he has a certain charisma and humor that makes everyone laugh and enjoy being around him. When Tann asked to give advice to underclassmen he said, “Don’t be lazy. Stay focused on your passions and school.”