Undefeated – BMHS Girls’ Tennis 2018-2019

Interview with Annie Elming class of 2019

I interviewed senior tennis player Annie Elming whose team became CIF Division 4 Champions last fall. She began playing tennis at age 13 and became co-captain with Natalie Gallulo to end her last year at Bishop Montgomery.

How many people are on the team and how many seniors?

“There are 12 people on the team and 4 seniors”

How did your team celebrate the win?

“We went to Starbucks after, and when we got to Bishop there were streamers and our parents were there to congratulate us.”

How did your last season differ from other years?

“This year stood out because we’ve never made it this far, we always get knocked out the first round. [This year] was a great way to end senior year.”

What made it different?

“I think we had more interest, more players. After playing with each other for four years we had a [better] sense of unity and teamwork”

Which teams were the most difficult to beat?

“We’ve been undefeated since freshman year.”

What are some team traditions?

“Bus rides with music, Starbucks after every genre.”