Dealing With College Rejections

Liliana Linan, co-editor

Going to college is an exciting time in a student’s life, or at least that is what every teacher and adult (including strangers) try to convince us. They constantly ask what our plans are while reminiscing on their own college years, but what they fail to mention is how stressful the entire application process is, and they especially ignore how to accept rejection from our favorite schools. Some parents pressure their children to apply to certain colleges even if the kids themselves have no interest; others hold unrealistic standards for their children, and all of these nerves can make the entire process a very anxious time in our lives.

Hope is a great thing to hold onto while applying, because pessimistic thoughts shouldn’t prevent anyone from applying to a college, yet I have found out that high expectations and acceptances do not mix; the application process is very odd and confusing, and sometimes the decisions don’t make sense and seem unfair. It is undeniable that college rejections are painful; because after almost four years of hard work and months of research and preparation, getting denied from our dream schools hurts.

Rejections can make you feel less intelligent and damage your self-esteem, but they do not define your worth. Everyone experiences rejection in life, and as disappointing as it is, it should not stop you from succeeding. What makes us human is our ability to continue fighting after failure. Anything is possible with the right mindset. If you are denied from your top school and you feel as if your life is only downhill from here, remember that you can still achieve your goals, just through a different path. Attending a prestigious school is not important, what is important is working hard and graduating. If you really want to attend that school, maybe go to a community college and transfer. Taking general education classes at a community college and then transferring is a smart and easier way to graduate from that dream school. Graduating from any college is an extraordinary accomplishment! Instead of allowing rejections to disrupt your education use your motivation to become a success, and make those colleges regret ever rejecting you. Go get some boba with your friends and enjoy the last few months of high school, everything is going to work out.