Driven to Dance Review

Maddie Sipos, staff writer

Imagine being kept from doing the one thing you love. The one thing you want to do with your life is being replaced with something that makes you unfulfilled. That is what happens to the protagonist in a movie that recently came to Netflix, Driven to Dance.

Driven to Dance is about a dancer named Paige and her training to become a professional ballet dancer. Paige’s family is struggling with money because of her parents’ divorce. Her mother wants her to stop dancing and pursue something “normal”, not to mention that ballet lessons are an expense she deems unnecessary. Her brother will do anything to make their mother focus on Paige’s faults than his bad grades. Worst of all, Paige’s mother scheduled math tutoring during the time that Paige is supposed to be in ballet class. The world seems to be crumbling around Paige’s shoulders, but she still continues to chase her dream.

  Driven to Dance is a successful dance movie because it portrays a young dancer’s journey accurately, which many other dance films fail to do. It is so real, so raw and unabridged. The feelings that Paige experiences as she fights for her right to dance are relatable to dancers around the world. Her determination is inspiring. This film is targeted towards dancers, specifically those who practice ballet. Despite the film being made for bunheads, I think anyone with a passion for anything can relate to Driven to Dance. It doesn’t matter if your passion is ballet, or basketball, or debate. The message of the film is something everyone should learn: you should follow your dreams.