New Year/Winter Recap

Natalia Cortes '19

          Christmas break, the coldest and most magical time of year. Christmas lights are everywhere, and Californians are wearing sweaters and complaining about the “cold.” Bishop Montgomery students got to enjoy a little earlier than every other high school. We rounded up a couple of students and interviewed them on their breaks. The most interesting thing Jordan Ramirez ‘19 did over break was travel to Japan and attend “one of the world’s biggest comic book conventions, Winter Comiket, [where] over 150,000 people were in attendance.” Jordan said he enjoyed it because it was very organized and the material was outstanding. His New Year’s resolution was to go to more conventions. When asked about his New Year’s resolutions, Devan Cornelio ‘22 said that his “was not to have any New Year’s resolutions.” I imagine he would expand by saying that it is because resolutions so often turn into disappointments since only 5% of Americans actually commit to theirs. Daisy Quinones ‘20 said, “This year, I plan on just improving myself and all of the bad habits that I’ve noticed. I think it’s important to recognize and accept our faults. If we can do this, then we can continue to better ourselves and become who we want to become.” I thought that this was really awesome of her, being self-aware, and I think we should all wish her luck on her voyage to become a better person than she already is! As for the rest of you, I hope that you can stick with yours and go through them. Good luck!