BMHS New Year Resolutions

Henry Hasnah, vice-president

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In this New Year, many Bishop Montgomery students have chosen to participate in making New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few New Year Resolutions that BMHS attendees have created.


Anaiya Abney(sophomore) – “To continue to work hard and make academics a priority.”

Olivia K.(sophomore) – “To grow my youtube channel.”

Langston (Sophomore) – “To win CIF in football.”

Eric Alvarez(sophomore) – “To put in work.”

Justin Rodriguez (sophomore) – “To be more focused in what I want to do later in life.”

Brenda Amofa(sophomore) – “To ‘secure my bags’ meaning that I want to take advantage of my situations in this year and turn it into accomplishment.”

Harley Lampkin(sophomore) – “To stay on top of my study habits and to stay in shape.”

Dylan Peiris(sophomore) – “Stop Procrastinating.”

Darwin(sophomore) – “To procrastinate less and continue to do do good academically.

Ian Wecker (junior) – “Master the Saxophone.”

Brian Stinson(junior) – “Get to school earlier.”

Connor Bevan (junior) – “Run faster.”

Sebastian Linan (junior) – “Run faster than Connor.”

Tann Ngyuen(senior) – “A lot of personal things but my main resolution is to focus and work on what I’m passionate about such as drawing.”

Eddie Valdovinos(senior) – “To come up with a better morning routine.”

Sophia Bautista(senior) – “To stop procrastinating on studying.”