Every October, many artists participate in the Inktober drawing challenge, which Mr. Jake Parker created in 2009 to improve his inking and drawing skills. For this challenge, artists must create a drawing using only ink every day for the entire month of October and have the option of posting it online using #Inktober. This year is my very first time participating, and it has proven difficult for me. Not only does it require some time out of my busy day, but it also requires me to use my creativity. However, if my creativity does happen to fail me, I can always use the Official 2018 prompt list. Every year Mr. Parker makes a new list of drawing prompts to help if you get stuck during Inktober. You can follow his ideas, or you can make up your own. I chose to make up my own this year, but I might use a few of his ideas. Even though I am not done with this challenge yet, I feel like it has improved my art habits and skills. Not to mention, I really enjoyed drawing every day, and I will definitely do it again next year.