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Here Comes the Dance… and Lightning?

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Here Comes the Dance… and Lightning?

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Friday, October 12 was the annual Welcome Frosh Dance, aka the Big Kahuna Hula. A huge line of freshmen lived up to the Hawaiian theme, all dressed in their shirts and leis, trying to entertain themselves as they waited to head into the gym. As groups of friends were talking and taking selfies out under the sky, I was on my phone texting a friend when I felt a drop of water land on my head, so I casually moved to the lunch tables under the awning.

A few more minutes of waiting, and then everyone started to scream. I didn’t get the chance to see the lightning strike, but I could tell it was someplace above us–I saw a quick flash of white light when I looked up. It continued to drizzle, and soon I saw lightning coming and going in different places a couple miles away from campus.

A little after seven, we went in, but whatever chances I had to stay dry were little, since I signed up earlier in the week to help Key Club with their water bottle-selling fund-raiser. I hurried out to TMH, where my sister and her friends were hanging out at the booth. The rain started to pick up, but Mr. Haynes immediately came to our rescue, ordering us to move what we had under the gym’s covering, handing us things to carry, and lifting things like a true leader in a crisis. We were situated again really fast thanks to his, Mr. Meyette, and Mr. Flores’ help.

After an hour of many failed attempts to take pictures of the lightning–I’d literally turn my back for a second to talk to my sister and her friends, and then they would point out that big huge lightning bolt just zapped–and having numb fingers from getting water bottles from the ice bath, I got to hang out with a couple friends who came! We bought a crepe and funnel cake before going to the dance floor, (Yes, there were crepes and funnel cakes. I only had the funnel cake, which was pretty good!) and got pictures at the photo booth. I didn’t know all the songs the DJ played, but that was okay. The dances we did are the ones usually done at the other school dances but were still fun to do, like the Cupid Shuffle plus line-dancing to the song “No Rompas Mi Corazón” and the Cha-Cha slide near the end.

Almost everybody in the gym seemed to have a star moment shortly afterwards too; it was as if everyone stopped what they were doing, my friend and I included, and passionately broke into song when “How Far I’ll go” from Disney’s Moana played.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for eventually arrived. Who would take home the two Knott’s Scary Farm tickets? After a quick drum roll, ASB officers Matt Norambuena ‘19 and Sophie Celis ‘19 announced Giovanni Lara ‘22 as the winner.

Thinking about it now, I still don’t regret attending the Big Kahuna Hula. I didn’t anticipate rain, let alone lightning, but it definitely added to the excitement. You could tell the freshmen were spirited and bonded well together too, especially when they were dancing to the majority of the songs. It was just as great when my friends and I would go outside and watch the rain to escape the heat from the gym. If you’re unsure about going to an event whether school-related or not, making the most time with your friends in general would make any enjoyable.

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Here Comes the Dance… and Lightning?