Halloween Poem Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Chloe Williams ’22 for writing the winning poem submission for the KnightLife Halloween Poem Contest!

Williams will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card for her poem being chosen as best entry.

speak it into existence   by Chloe Williams

hard chills spread her skin like wildfire

frigid winds whisking by her elfin ears 

the sky above her head was a sight

crows squawking and.. ghosts talking.

she couldn’t help but to cower under the living trees

the ones who’s branches were reaching out to her, calling out to her soul, not the flesh. 

where her nose leaked scarlet blood and her veins ran a bright cerulean- they wanted her soul.

eyes followed her shaking steps through the dark boughs of oak trees- 

golden eyes. 

eyes like rays of light pouring out of shooting stars, they were so bright in the dark of night. 

illuminating the side of her face that was melting under the heat of the moon above.. she wondered how the moon was so hot..

the moon should be a friend – a cold.. friend.. 

she could feel her ruddy cheeks slipping off of her face, drooping to the hot floor below- and when she looked down she saw rabbits. 

black rabbits

her shaking hands tried to lift her face back up, reaching down to the floor for her chin that’d fallen down in shock of fear consuming her flesh. 

words wouldn’t form over her black tongue, darkness filling her brown eyes- brown eyes resembling the rusted bark of a dead birch tree..

she wasn’t a witch.. no matter what they accused her of- she wasn’t a witch

she wasn’t a witch

she wasn’t a witch

however words tell stories and bring destiny- they speak life or better.. death

they told her she was a witch

an unruly evil brought to toss destruction down upon earth

now that’s what she was becoming 

a witch

a witch

… a witch