Link Crew Continues into its Second Year

Link Crew is off to a great start this year. Over the summer Link Crew leaders and the Freshmen got together over zoom to connect, play games, and learn more about Bishop Montgomery. This first meeting allowed Freshmen to meet some of their classmates and ask upperclassmen for tips or about any questions they had on the upcoming school year. Ever since that first meeting Link Crew groups have been meeting on Wednesdays to catch up and make sure everyone is adjusting to online high school. Not only do the groups meet online, they also keep in touch throughout the week through text and social media.

 Caitlyn Garcia, class of 2022, said that “Although it can be tough trying to engage with the [Freshmen] on zoom, at the end of all [their] meeting[s] [her] group has created such a great unbreakable bond, which is so special, especially under our circumstances … [and that she] can’t wait until the day [she] can actually” meet her group. I know that all of the upperclassmen have a great time guiding the Freshmen and wish them the best year and hope that they can have a chance to return to campus soon and experience all of the wonderful aspects of high school in person.