Entertainment During Quarantine

During the stay-at-home orders, it has been difficult to find entertainment from the confines of one’s own home. Bishop students have been finding several different ways to combat boredom in these unprecedented circumstances. The majority of students have been using social media and streaming services to pass the time. Some of the most common platforms used by Bishop students have been YouTube, Tik Tok, Disney+, and Netflix. Some popular television shows being watched have been New Girl, The Umbrella Academy, Community, Brooklyn 99, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, 13 Reasons Why, Outerbanks, The Office, Breaking Bad, and Gossip Girl. A couple movies being watched are The Half of It and The Florida Project. Elena Marquez ‘22 said, “It’s an easy way to stay entertained without having to leave your house”. Music has also served as an outlet. Bonnie Clapp ‘22 said, “Discovering a song or a band that I really like is just so exciting because it’s like I found a new way to express how I’m feeling”. Some of the artists she has been listening to are Bratmobile, X-Ray Spex, and Bikini Kill.

Creative pursuits have become extremely popular during quarantine. Tobi Twombley ‘22 said, “I was thinking about learning how to play either guitar or piano, and of course taking dance classes as often as possible”. Natalie DeRosa ‘24 has also been dancing. Coloring books and journaling have also been a calming way for students to pass the time, as well. A few others are learning how to sew. 

Other common hobbies have been reading and online shopping. Catherine DeGuzman ‘21 shared that she had finished War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. DeGuzman had also spent time with her cousins in their front yard, FaceTiming friends, playing the ukulele, taking pictures, and working on her college applications. Zaki Hasan ‘23 has been playing video games with his friends. He said, “I like talking to my friends and playing with them because it’s really fun and keeps me entertained”. Clapp has spent her time during quarantine at a new job. She said, “Getting a job made me feel like I have more independence, especially because I’m making my own money and I get to spend it on what I want for the most part.” 

Most of all, students have been missing the activities they have not been able to do during the pandemic. Most students miss their friends, teams, and other aspects of the Bishop community. The freshmen and transfer students have less opportunities to meet new friends, and the returning students miss the friends they have already made. DeRosa said, “I wish I was at school so I could meet new people and experience high school. I also wish the mall and movie theaters were open!” Clapp agrees, missing the experience of viewing a film in a theater. Mitchell Griffee ‘23 wished he could play baseball with his teammates again. Fred Hendricks ‘22 has missed playing football. Cathy Moreno ‘21 said, “If quarantine wasn’t a thing, I wish I could see my friends and do theater because that’s what I miss the most, theater”. Although Bishop students have felt that they are missing out on all sorts of entertainment, they are finding ways to fill in the gaps with fun new hobbies and pastimes.