Homecoming Rewind: A MARVEL-ous Spirit Week!


Ellie Michaels ‘22

This year’s Spirit Week was a success! Ever since the release of Avengers: Endgame (the sequel to Infinity War) this past spring, the Marvel fandom has grown even stronger; consequently, BMHS students were super pumped for this year’s Marvel-inspired homecoming, “A MARVEL-ous Knight.” From the Superhero Dress-up Day to the Infinity Stone Scavenger Hunt, the homecoming committee did an amazing job incorporating this theme into spirit week activities.

Students wore their class colors all week to show class spirit. The seniors wore blue, juniors wore purple, sophomores wore red, and freshmen wore green! We started out the week with the annual Family Feud Trivia Battle, a friendly class competition in which designated representatives for each class go head-to-head to put their knowledge to the test and see who really is the smartest class; the reps that answer the most questions correctly earn a hundred points for their class! Another fun activity was the Door Battles. In this challenge, each class was in charge of decorating twelve superhero-themed doors, and the class who had the best decorations would win the challenge. I think the freshman surprised all of us when they took first place for this challenge with their incredible 3D designs. And we can’t forget about the juniors, who killed it in Thursday’s Lip Sync battle with their performance of “Boyfriend” by Big Time Rush. The sophomores definitely had a knack for finding the lost infinity stones, boosting up their score by a hundred points! The Canned Food Collection, hosted by Campus Ministry, was also a huge success. Not only did the seniors earn a ton of spirit points, but they also got the opportunity to help those in need. 

One of the biggest highlights of this week was the Unity Prayer Service, led by Bishop alum ValLimar Jansen. During this service, we prayed, sang songs, and grew closer as a community. A big thanks to ValLimar for reminding us what Spirit Week is all about!

We ended the week with a homecoming pep rally, featuring all of the fall sports teams, performances from the song team, short flags, band, and color guard, and a special visit from the one-and-only Avengers! The results of the class competitions were announced. In fourth place were the juniors, in third place were the freshmen, in second place were sophomores, and in first place were… drumroll please… the seniors! What a great way to end off their final Homecoming Spirit Week at BMHS! Although the seniors won the spirit games and the overall class competition, I think we can agree that all of the classes had a lot of fun and did a great job showing their school spirit.