Angela Franco '20

The philosophy of the community of Bishop Montgomery High School is about accepting individuals for who they are as well as what is their background. The students here come from many different backgrounds and cultures and they all come for one purpose, accomplishing their dreams.

As a daughter of immigrants, I have chosen to take on the responsibility of creating a column where students can tell their unique immigrant story. Whether their parents are immigrants or they are immigrants themselves, we will attempt to share some of their many stories in this column.

To create a climate of change and acceptance of all, it is important that people be educated about the hardships that immigrants face and be exposed to their stories. As a community, we should support and hear each other’s voices.

As you are reading this column, if you feel like you want your story to be shared and read by many, you now have the opportunity to do so. Being proud of who you are and where you come from is fundamental.

Our plan is to publish the column monthly online and in print each quarter. Each time the column is published, there will be two students who will have the opportunity to share their unique stories. Working together and sharing our stories will connect our community in a much fuller way and allow all of us to be one step closer to Accomplishing the Dream.

“Accomplishing the Dream” Editor –