Girls’ Volleyball

Girls’ Volleyball started the season strong with four consecutive wins and an overall record of six wins in eight matches. Last year’s varsity team was dominated by seniors, so it is particularly impressive that our Lady Knights are doing so well. With just Rae Bennett ‘20, Julie St. Pierre ‘22, Autumn Kirby ‘20, and TeKenya Stafford ‘21 returning from last year’s varsity team, the rest of the squad consists of returning JV players Terrany Pope ‘21, Emily Cloud ‘20, Kaitlin Johnsin ‘20, Sonya Melendez ‘21, Finley Rollins ‘22, and two stand-out freshmen, Zoe Morales ‘23 and Torrey Stafford ‘23. Returning for her second year, Coach Tiffany Morales, said, “The 2018 season included 24 wins including appearances and victories in both regional and state playoffs. Based upon early indications from summer training and a July scrimmage against last season’s varsity, I expect our momentum to continue. Namely, BMHS volleyball talent not only remains strong, but it’s also getting stronger!”