New Club to Address Climate Change

The Green Team club


Madeline Sipos

The United Nations estimates that in eleven years if the earth’s inhabitants do not change the way they treat the environment, irreversible damage will be done. Senior Kaiyl McClain and Sophomore Viveca Henry have decided to be the change and help Bishop Montgomery become more eco-friendly. They recently started the Green Team to spread awareness and take action in protecting our environment. “Our goal is to help make it so that we can empower the students to learn how to preserve the earth as long as we can, to make the best, green decisions and be educated about what they’re doing,” Henry said. 

Though the Green Team is just getting started, they have some new ideas to make taking care of the environment more fun. Henry and McClain are planning engaging activities such as Earth Day celebrations, outside speakers, and schoolwide challenges with themed days and prizes. “We want people to know that (improving the environment) a lot easier than they think it is,” McClain said. 

Last year, McClain and Henry both had the idea to start a club about environmental awareness. At the end of the school year, they presented their ideas and decided to merge into one club. “(My favorite part about this club is) how collaborative it is. Everyone’s bringing a different perspective and something new to the table.” Henry said. Henry and McClain were hoping to emphasize the use of reusable items such as water bottles and straws. They are also open to implementing others’ ideas within the club. Each new idea brings Bishop to a better earth. “If we all do these little things collectively,” McClain said, “then we can make a big difference together.”